Client Testimonials

Yalda B. Fischer

Cynthia and I have been working on my communication behavior both in my professional and personal relationships. She has shined the light on so many negative behaviors that I had no idea I was doing and addressing the underlying causes of miscommunications and negative behaviors. After many months of working with her she finally convinced me to write a letter to my employer to share with him some of the stresses that I have been experiencing. I was very worried about sharing and communicating that information with him but Cynthia gave me the words and confidence that it will make things so much easier. I shared this letter with my employer a few weeks ago and since then I feel like the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I have continued to use the sound advice from Cynthia in my personal life and in my professional life. My employer really appreciated the fact that I was able to share this information with him and I’ve learned that without communicating my feelings I was only hurting myself.

Adam Langowski

My wife and I started seeing Cynthia in December of 2021 for communication needs with extended family who live over 2,000 miles away. Our last vacation while visiting my family ended in disaster where we ended up living out of a hotel room instead of with family. All communications had ended, and it continued to get worse. Come Christmas season I knew we needed help as my wife, and I were planning on moving our family closer to where we were having our issues. We found Cynthia and worked with her to identify our issues and strategize how to fix our relationships. We were able to have our extended family join our sessions. We have been able to have open communication with my family and make our move a reality. We continue to work together to keep the communication flowing and resolve any issues we may have come up. Thanks to Cynthia in just a few short months, we are right where we want to be and have a good stepping stone with our relationship with family.

Caroline D.

Cynthia's communication skills and talents have been extremely valuable to me in both my professional and personal life. She is a good listener and a keen judge of character. She also has an excellent pulse on the legal community and which activities and events are most likely to bring in tangible business opportunities. Cynthia's true talent is in being able to get to know and understand people, and in using that understanding to advise on the best ways to communicate and problem-solve.

Stephen B.

Founder of Bachmann Law Group PC
Kaiser Advisors has been invaluable in assisting our law firm develop business and possesses excellent communications skills. When we decided to work with our first business development firm, Cynthia Kaiser was an easy choice. She is very sharp, has tons of experience in the industry, and is very well connected. Cynthia is results oriented and has gone the extra mile for us time and time again. Kaiser Advisors has helped us make the best business development decisions for our firm and maximize the efficiency of our business development efforts. communication skills


Attorney at Law
I have been working with Cynthia since the beginning of 2017. She has been instrumental in helping me craft and refine my communication strategies in the realm of business development and marketing. I heartily recommend her for anyone who is interested in implementing and improving positive communication skills to drive business/revenue growth.

Family Com.

Behavior Client
As a large family with various attachment styles, we all work with Cynthia who skillfully guides us to recognize and understand ourselves and each other in a more positive landscape. With her communication skills we are able to handle constructive critique and this inherently gives access to our individual voices. She gives us the knowledge and the tools to navigate our pathways to achieve positive communication behavior. Cynthia is tactful, direct and sensitive in order to effectuate change in how we communicate with each other and others.

Corporate Testimonials

William E.

Partner at Rutan & Tucker LLP
Cynthia has worked closely with me for 7 years in her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Rutan & Tucker. She has been a key partner in creating a very dynamic marketing and branding strategy for our Construction practice, of which I am Co-Chair, which has expanded many fold with her leadership and assistance. Cynthia's communication skills offer great insight, energy and contacts which are critical to develop and carry out successful marketing plans for professionals and firms of all sizes. I highly recommend Cynthia for your Marketing and Business Development needs.

Marc Cohen

Partner at Loeb & Loeb
I’ve known Cynthia Kaiser for over a decade, since she was the Business Development Manager for Kaye Scholer’s Los Angeles Office. Previously, I was the head of its west coast bankruptcy and public sector practice for almost 17 years. I am now co-head of its national public sector litigation practice as well as Chief of Staff for the Ops Group, California State Guard, California Military Department. I give this background because I want potential clients to know how serious I am in recognizing Cynthia’s communication expertise, her ability to “think outside the box” for business development, and my personal gratitude for how she helped me in developing my largest, multi-million dollar client (over 17 million dollars in the last ten years), and the successful development of a public sector practice which intersects law and politics.

Steve N.

Partner at Rutan & Tucker LLP
As a previous managing partner and executive committee member of Rutan and the Co-Chair of the firm's Construction practice, I have worked closely with Cynthia for 7-1/2 years in her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Rutan & Tucker. Cynthia is results-oriented and very focused on technology and strategy for the firm. She was responsible for marketing and business development for the firm as a whole, as well as the individual practice groups and individual lawyers. She created top-client events and created relationships within the business community. I highly recommend Cynthia in her new business endeavors.

Kelly Scott

Cohen & Jessup LLP
I have seen countless marketing directors come and go; none have matched the skill set, energy and productivity of Ms. Kaiser. We worked with her when she began her career in marketing.. She excels in the art of the follow up, assisting many attorneys in making business connections after an initial meeting. She navigates with ease the steps that many find difficult to take and her interpersonal skills are unsurpassed. Most impressively, Ms. Kaiser actually obtained paying clients for the firm on her own, the only marketing person who has ever done so for us. I would recommend her for any marketing job without reservation.